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Monday, November 08, 2004


The dark lessened somewhat to reveal a sullen sky to the east and overt threat to the west. Maybe it will snow today, although I'm guessing it will tend towards sleet. I've committed to a couple mile walk through urban landscapes to pick up my ailing car and I've got all my high tech hiking gear arrayed in my office in expectations of the worst.

I do this walk every time my car needs repair, and I relish the looks of the repair people when I stride up dripping or coated with frost. The weather always cooperates by serving up it's ugliest. Of course, having written that today will turn out perfectly lovely...

I've sent my first short story to a friend as a birthday present, at her request. It's occasionally pornographic, although primarily it's a story about truly connected love, something that I actually know about in more than a theoretical way. I think that will have to be a topic for another post, as the step in the hall demands I get back to work!


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