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Monday, November 08, 2004


I am overwhelmed with emotion over the connections that have formed in my life. It started with a blog from a writer way up northwest of me, expressing his thoughts on the election. I have a twisted connection with this person and will probably meet him some day, and so to have him echo my own thoughts was profound and I send him my thanks for the banishment of the loneliness I've felt in this election period.

It continued whilst reading another blog, again oddly connected to me and the prior writer. Her expression of her connection to nature and to places I love and have traveled is buoying me up and giving me some relief from the urban climes I currently inhabit. I thank her too, and hope to meet her someday.

I received a note back from my birthday friend, and it was so over the top positive that I found myself crying and trembling (and I'm still trembling). I didn't realize how much I'd invested in my story, and how much I needed approval. This connection is at least direct, and I've sent my thanks and will continue to do so.

My wondrous friend is responsible for all these connections. In truth, it is her spirit that has birthed the new me, and there is more than a little of her essence in my being.

Trembling in wonderment and joy, I'll give my thanks as well to anyone who is reading this.


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