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Friday, November 19, 2004

Sexual cross

A week ago I noted that TB had given me a lot to think about, which is always the case when we talk. One of the things that came out was that I was feeling male for the first time in my life - normally I feel pretty androgynous. TB commented that she felt that way too, which yet again made me feel connected and accepted, something I'd never had before meeting TB.

At any rate, this trail led to my theory of sexuality, which I had never really thought through until discussing it with TB. Here it is...

Asexuality is at the bottom. I think this is truly unhealthy for those who practice it, although maybe the lack of sexual expression frees up resources for other things - maybe not. If anyone reads this who is asexual, I would love to hear of benefits!

Monosexuality is up a notch - I think this can be pretty darn fun when you have a good imagination or a good internet connection, and it's pretty hard to fault the convenience.

Heterosexuality and homosexuality I place at the same level. Both are with partners, and I think that is healthy and gratifying in a way that being alone lacks. Two can be twice as creative as one, and great sex (and great living) is all about creativity.

Bisexuality is at the top of my sexual tree. I think this is the ultimate in sexual expression. I think that love, which for me is always a component of sex, should not be bounded by gender.

That all said, I've never been with a man, and I have always believed it was because I had been conditioned against it. There is something aesthetically displeasing about the image of two men that has held me back. It is probably just not meant to be for me.


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