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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I walked last night in my usual fashion, just being part of the motion and the surroundings, allowing my feet and feelings to choose each intersection.

I had taken a path I haven't taken in many years, and had paused for a moment while descending a ravine to look at the just risen crescent moon, when I heard a buck snort behind me. I turned and looked up the side of the ravine, and there at the very top, silhouetted against the very dark sky, were a doe and a buck. The buck was about 6 feet behind the doe, and their heads were turned towards me. I remained motionless and thought about invisibility, and after a bit the buck ambled forward and looked as if he nuzzled the doe along her neck. It was such an exquisite moment, and I was filled with romance. They moved off together as if they were one being, disappearing over the ridge line.

I remained still for a moment, then ambled my way along to my car and drove the long way home to an excited little boy and compulsively frowning wife.


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