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Thursday, November 11, 2004


My birthday friend, who I will now acronymize as WV, crashed on her birthday. Her husband and family completely failed her and now she is in a terrible funk. I don't know what to do, and as seems to be the case right now, I have limited options due to circumstances.

In the story I had written for her birthday I talked a lot about connected love and fate. I know in my life fate has played an overwhelming role, although I don't really have any understanding of the mechanism of fate - I just know that enormous coincidences seem to be playing the dominant role in my life.

I feel WV is feeling the sometimes cruel hand of fate, and I believe she is being rather forcefully thrust out of the nest she has long since outgrown. I hope she spreads her wings before she splats.

I'll wish on a star for her tonight, as the clouds have finally gone and with the temperature in the teens they will be brightly shining.


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