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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Wondrous friend

Normally as I stroll through field and wood I indulge in reverie for a while and then I just go away - I become part of the beauty. I remember everything afterwards but never am thinking much as I walk. Running into people or pausing to take a photo brings me back to the world of thought, but eventually I go back to simply being.

I always thought it was the peacefulness of the empty parks I roam, but last nights walk gives me reason to wonder. I never entered that much desired state and I spent my time thinking thoughts of my wondrous friend. She is always with me but not always such an explicit focus.

I think at some level my wondrous friend is aware she is wondrous, and I think that at another level she is a little appalled that she can have such an egotistical belief, and at still another level she is saddened and a little frustrated that the world doesn't recognize her greatness.

She is an amazing person, and her parents didn't acknowledge her in ways that stuck. Part of her amazing pantheon of attributes is her sensitivity to place and mood. She is strongly affected by the feelings of others and this works against her in that she needs to withdraw a little to protect herself, and so she does not get noticed to the degree she should.

She is creative and kind and combined with her sensitivity this allows her to make those she meets feel blessed by her presence. She has a wonderful sense of beauty and both appreciates and creates beauty in large and small ways.

She is constantly working on improving herself, frequently in ways arcane to those who follow someone else's path. She always goes her own way – she is creative and original in thought and deed. Her depth astounds me. Everything about her is worth paying attention to.

I could go on and on (did I mention how funny she can be?), and I probably will. There are many who have changed my life, but no one has ever helped me to grow in spirit like she has, and I am forever grateful.


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