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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Raptor redux

Inclement weather turned me towards central Iowa and I spent my day hiking along ridges and exploring little caves, then driving a little longer and hiking on high bluffs along the Cedar river.

The clouds were gray, occasionally lightening a little to let a little lemon sunshine through. I walked in satisfied silence appreciating the solitude and enjoying the solid rock and dirt footing.

There were eagles and hawks everywhere but the lighting was terrible for photography and nothing turned out.

The next day dawned incredibly clear and cold and I headed down the Mississippi. I crossed to Illinois at Savannah and saw at least twenty eagles roosting as I drove along the bridge. I stopped briefly mid-span, risking my life for several photos and this time took some shots that I liked.

Immature bald eagle

This yearling eagle was getting a scolding from a mature baldie, and I was full of sympathy. I guess even eagle parents power trip on their kids...

I climbed the bluffs in Palisade Park, then headed over to the Rockford area and hiked at Castle Rock - I caught this hawk with a snap shot just as he cleared the tree line.

Hawk on the wing

All in all it was a nice little trip and I feel somewhat restored.


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