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Monday, December 27, 2004

Sacred Seven

The kiss was all I cared about, and it lasted long. A door clattered and a "Susy?" echoed. "I'm just saying bye to MW, Mom", Susy called back, and with a quick kiss and sliding touch she scampered around the house.

I slowly got on my bike, carefully positioning myself on the hard seat. I pedaled home slowly at first, and then with exuberance, taking the dirt trail through the oak woods at full speed in the dark. Her taste and scent lingered, and I kept feeling her hands on my waist.

I hung out with my friends the next day and never mentioned the kiss. Jeff, who had been at the previous nights gathering, kept pointing out annoying Susy statements and I just grunted noncommitally. A part of me agreed with my friend, another part was already coming up with explanations for Susy's behavior. I just wanted to get lost in the kiss again.

The next day I avoided Susy at the start of school. I had come to the conclusion that it was some sort of misunderstanding and I was just living in a fantasy that someone could want to touch me. In third hour we had a class together and I took my regular seat as far away from the teacher as possible. Susy normally sat in the front row, but she beelined her way through the door and sat down in the desk next to mine. I managed not to cringe and smiled a "Hi!".

The teacher told us that we were going to watch a film for class that day - after the lights went out Susy's desk scratched along the floor and a moment later her hand slid into mine. She slowly leaned until she was just touching me, and I sat awkwardly, acutely aware of her and worried that someone might notice. We maintained that pose till just before the end of the film when Susy carefully resumed classroom mode.

Susy walked beside me as we left the class and suddenly the teacher was beside us. "I don't expect much from MW, but you know better Susy. Don't do it again...". He peeled off and we walked in silence to my locker. As I turned towards her she laid her hand on my chest, looked a little scared and said "I'm so sorry about that. I just needed to touch you. He shouldn't have said that about you.".

She was so vulnerable I just wanted to make her feel better. I instinctively gave her a comforting hug, understanding and cringing at the implications of her happy sigh. I felt her softness press against me and was just starting to give into the feeling when I noticed my friend Jeff giving me a dark look and disbelieving head shake. He turned and walked off, and I resisted the urge to push Susy away.

From then on Susy took every opportunity to be near me, and I couldn't bring myself to ask her to leave me alone. She brought me little gifts and wrote beautiful letters and slowly wooed me into playing the role of boyfriend. My doubts always went away when we kissed and touched each other, and when the doubts resurfaced I pushed them away. Deep inside I felt that Susy was the best I could hope for, and I suspected that she was better than I deserved.

The only friend who was willing to put up with Susy and I as a couple was Thea. We still talked daily and called each other nightly, happily gossiping and talking about anything that occured to us. We never talked about Susy.

Winter kept Susy and I from having any alone time together, and all our kisses and touching occured in theaters and dark corners at school. As spring arrived we finally could spend time together, and I would bike to her house whenever her parents were going to be out for a while.

Ever so slowly I explored her body. It took weeks before she was comfortable with me stroking her rib cage. Still longer to where I could trace the outlines of her breasts beneath sweater and shirt. I didn't really want to push her beyond her limits, but I still found talking to her annoying and I was addicted to that breathless feeling I had when we touched. Occasionally I stopped exploring and after a while she would start moving my hand to her breasts.

Somehow I came up with the notion that kissing the 'sacred seven' points of our bodies was a goal for our love. I defined the sacred seven as eyes, lips, nipples, bellybutton, and RIGHT THERE. Slowly she accepted the premise, and on a warm late spring day we set off, blanket in hand, for a private little grassy spot in the woods...


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