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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Sharp shade of winter

When I was 17 I was the leader of our high school's downhill ski club. The night before an outing to a local ski resort, I was lying in bed listening to my stereo. The only light was the green glow of my Harmon Kardon 330b receiver, and I was lost in reverie while listening to Demons and Wizards by Uriah Heep.

Suddenly the music faded out and was replaced by the swishing of skis. My eyes refocused on the brightness of a night lit ski hill spread out below me. I had a tremendous sense of deja-vu as I scanned down the slope.

I noticed DJ halfway down the hill, cutting nice long turns. I'd been noticing DJ a lot since she'd joined the ski club. She had the thinness of youth and the hair and breasts of a Nordic blonde. Her figure intimidated me, and I had never even thought of talking to her.

DJ took a long sweeping turn and started traversing above a slushy spot in the slope. I could see the glare ahead of her and knew she was headed for ice. The tails of her skis kicked out, and she overcorrected and her tips caught the slush. The deja vu feeling had already propelled me into turning, and I pushed off and headed down slope.

As I descended I saw DJ's ski torque up and sideways, the safety strap continuing to twist her leg after the binding broke free. She went down hard, grinding her knee into the slush and ground beneath. As she rotated to a stop I pulled up next to her, released her safety straps, jammed her skis and poles into the snow, yelled across the slope to a friend to grab the skis, and picked her up.

The deja vu persisted and I knew where the first aid station was. I skied to it with DJ in my arms, somehow kicked off my skis, and carried her inside placing her on the padded table I knew I would find.

Uriah Heep suddenly filled my ears and I was back in my world of green light. Again I knew the vision was somehow real, and again the feeling was kind of familiar. I didn't go to sleep for a long time.

While skiing the next day I kept waiting for it to happen. I kept a watchful eye on DJ, loosely following her from slope to slope. Eventually everything aligned and it happened exactly as I had seen the night before. I would never had been able to perform so flawlessly if I hadn't already experienced how to do it.

The person manning the first aid shack examined DJ and told her she should have it looked at, but it wasn't broken and she could wait. We called DJ's parents and as she was in considerable pain we decided to meet at a nearby hospital. One of the club members had a station wagon and I pressed them into volunteering to drive us to the hospital. I stayed in the back with DJ's head cradled in my lap and we held hands for the 45 minute drive.

We left the hospital with DJ's knee wrapped and iced with a prescription for pain killers. She and I sat shoulder to shoulder in the back of her parents car for the ride to my house.

The next day she looked me up and asked me out on a date, and I accepted. We were an item for about as long as it took her knee to heal, and then it was over. Our friendship continued till we headed off to different colleges.

Her breasts were everything I had imagined.


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