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Thursday, December 09, 2004

He ain't heavy

One midwinter day I was looking for something to do, and perusing the papers I noticed there was a hot air balloon rally in a neighboring town. I bundled up in my marshmallow man winter garb and headed out to the frozen lake where the rally was launching from.

I watched for a little bit, and then was asked if I would like to help out. Apparently someone had noticed a similarity between me and ballast, so my job, along with many others, was to hold on to the basket while the balloon inflated enough to take off.

I wedged my puffiness into the crowd and grabbed onto the basket. As usual when confronted with new circumstances involving people, I shut down, and somehow or other missed the signal to let go. The balloon leaped into the air and I found myself dangling.

I quickly tried pulling myself into the basket and someone swatted my arm. I looked up to a scowl and headshake, and lacking other options, I let go.

Luckily I didn't know how far the balloon had risen, or I would have panicked. About the moment I realized I was still FALLING, I hit a snow drift, thankfully deep and not yet compacted. The drift and my voluminous winter garb averted the tragedy of me splatting or cracking through the ice for a plunge in the lake.

I climbed out of the snow drift and looked around sheepishly. Several people were watching to see the results of my accidental flight, but no one came to help, possibly fearing stupidity might be contagious.

I slunk off to my car, pride goneth after the fall...


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