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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A wish come true

Spring slammed in with a vengeance. A string of below freezing days was supplanted by a stiff warm breeze that had me shedding coat then sweater and then unbuttoning my short sleeve shirt and still I was too warm.

My hike last night was through muck and snow fed torrents. The walking was hard but the bird song was glorious. I stopped often, listening to the liquid tones of a blackbird and percussive beat of a woodpecker. A crane drifted overhead and called its odd warble in answer to a hawks scream.

The long grass near the still frozen lake rustled dreamily and I followed the shore far around, unwilling to let the sound go.

Finally I turned towards my car and after a while I detoured to climb the highest hill in the area and rest while watching night settle on the forest and prairie. I lumbered up the hill and at the top settled in to meditate on the wind. Calm descended, entering through my scalp and skin and slowly easing inward.

An odd power flowed up from the ground, elemental earth feeding my spirit. The wind shifted and turned cold, but strangely it warmed my spirit. Elements swirled and coalesced and abruptly I found myself on my feet, hands clasped in front of me.

"This ground that I stand on lifts my soul and is the core part of me that attracts you. This wind that blows from you touches my soul and attracts me to you. Behind me the sun has set and in front of me a moon full and potent has yet to rise".

I moved my hands outward in response to the buffeting forces and cupped them, drawing the wind to me.

"I ask that you let go of your doubts. Follow the path that joins with mine. I am ready for you now. I want to inspire you and be inspired by you. I want us to grow together and separately. I want to celebrate life with you, share all this beauty..."

I spread my arms and turned round the hilltop, gazing in wonder

"... that I see and feel. I want you to show me your world and share it with me. TB, I can see our connection, our shared glow. I believe we can have a love that will transcend all that we have ever hoped for".

I felt a palpable wave move out from me and for a moment I felt both stronger and weaker. I fixed my gaze on a star.

"I am going to make a wish on that star. Trust that more than anything I want your life to be good and full of happiness, and if I am not part of that I will still be happy if you find it. I give you my soul and heart, mind and body. All that is me is filled with love and joy for you..."

I trailed off and breathed deep and brought my focus back to the star.

"Star, I've wished upon you so often, and it seems that much that I've wished for has come true, but so often it is beyond my ken. What I wish for tonight is something easy for me to understand, something that will help me to believe. I want TB to initiate a conversation with me - maybe a phone call, maybe an e-mail. Anything to show that she thinks of me when I am not the one initiating things. That is all I ask tonight. Thank you star - I hope you are having a good life".

I listened to the wind for a moment, then shouldered my backpack and headed down the hill. Halfway down I was struck by the thought that my cell phone might be on silent mode so I fished it out of my pocket and checked, hoping that it would ring. I noticed the time was 8pm and shoved the phone back in my pocket, then walked the final mile to my car. The rest of the evening passed with no call and I went to bed and let the hope pass away.

Sitting down at my desk this morning I went through my ritual of sipping my coffee and reading my e-mail. At the top of the list of my inbox was a conversational e-mail from TB sent at 8:16pm. The e-mail was just a spur of the moment friendly note, and it is the first time I have ever gotten anything like that from her.

Mystic Writer indeed!


  • At 10:26 AM, Blogger Iona said…

    Nice words. And a great picture. Love the colors!

  • At 3:55 PM, Blogger Nicky said…

    Keep it up Mystic - I am sure you will get her in the end...then you will be one happy bunny.

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